White chocolate mousse covered with dark
Sphere chocolate balls
Lovely Pavlova
Fresh glazed fruit heart shaped tart wit
Genoa Fruit cake
Close up on our mango panna cotta
Freshly made and baked to crispy perfect
Peaches and cream delights
Strawberry mousse martinis topped with a
Genoise cake with whipped cream frosting
Carrot cake with finesse and yummy scone
Layered Verrines.
Apple tartlets
Chocolate tart with a macaron topping
Dessert Table ideas
Chocolate tarts with creme chantilly
Frest Fruit tart with creme patisserie
Double Chocolate Cheesecake
Raspberry Macarons
Mixed box of treats
Our all natural mango Panna cotta #mango
Luscious Almond Bagels
Viennese cookies
Dark Chocolate Mousse
Box of variety treats
Frangipane Tarts
Chocolate Mousse Cups
Paris Brest
Tarte Au Citron